I was blessed 🐾💞🐾

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Ive been incredibly blessed to have had the most kindest, sweetest, loving baby furgirl in my life for just shy of 15 years. I couldn’t have wished for a better best fur kid.

It’s been a while since I last visited this site to post, purely because it’s been a tough journey without my fur baby around. The thought of putting pen to paper or typing that Sandy sadly lost her battle to yet another cancer striking, having fought so many others off, it brought me to tears!

She was the most resilient and strongest pooch who taught me how to be strong through thick and thin…but what no one can teach you is how to be strong without our best friends there beside us to lay their heads on our laps as we cry and lick those salty tears away.

Loosing Sandy, I lost a piece of heart which went with her. The hole that lays is that of her and her brothers I lost to cancer as well before Sandy’s first cancer struck. They didn’t deserve to be taken and put through the pain that cancer caused. They were sweet, loving, loyal fur babies…they were my world.

Every day I shed a tear of sadness as I miss them so much. Every day I smile as the memories left with me can never be taken. Cancer will never win that battle.

If I could have one wish, it’d be that they would live forever with me. I know that they’re there with me, sometimes I hear claws on the laminate. When I feel lost I hold their pictures close, close my eyes and picture the happy times we were so blessed to have shared together. But the pain doesn’t go, it never will.

I miss having my warrior beside me. I know she is whole again as heaven heals the kindest dogs. I know she will be waiting for me at rainbow bridge with her brother who will be protecting her until we meet again.

I cannot help but sit & think how its odd how life throws itself at us…I believe that Sandy was sent to me to help me face difficult times  ahead…To prepare me for life’s cruel wicked twists as since Sandy lost her leg & passed away, my mum became an amputee. I was stronger to deal with this as Sandy had taught me to be strong, but I still need those silky ears to tenderly kiss and stroke to know all will be ok.

A smell will pass me by & I pause, it takes me right back to the smell of her wet fur on a rainy walk, or her clean blankets she’s rolled about in…all small signs she’s with me and is sending reminders I’m not alone. I am blessed. Blessed with the chance to have had the best two loyal and loving dogs in my life.

Love every day, live every day & be more dog every day!


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14th Birthday & Christmas Celebrated!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Its been a few months since we have been able to log in with lots happening but we are back & have CELEBRATIONS….Sandy has celebrated her 14th birthday this September & enjoyed a holiday in Devon to explore, smell the fresh sea air & paddled in the shores, whilst hopping over waves on the beach! What a delightful time we shared exploring so many different beaches with family & enjoying so many adventures! We were exhausted come the end of the holiday but it was well worth every extra snooze. Memories that will always be cherished.

Now we have come to Christmas & we have been blessed to be able to share another together. Christmas Eve Eve we had a slight wobble on the paws and lack of strength, but we have bounced back & enjoyed Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the yummy trimmings! WOW did Santa spoil Sandy…he knew she’d be extra good.

Well, the latest update is that the Oncologist & I have decided to keep Sandy on Chemo tablets which we give at home, and blow me down…with these there are no fights in getting her to eat them! I was dreading the idea of a fight each time but somehow Sandy has never argued in taking these!! Such a relief…I am sure she knows that these are to help her. She’s been soooooo good!

Sandy & I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas & here’s to 2017 of many more successes & developments in Canine Cancer fights! We WILL kick into touch.

Chemo changes

So we made it through another three chemo sessions for the newest cancer and the appetite after the third had vanished for near on a week…even her fav chicken and rice wouldn’t tempt her-therefore the  fourth session was therefore cancelled.

We now have started chemo tablets. These could be for a short period or for life. The oncologist has not decided as yet. Keeping sandy happy and the chemo at bay is our mission. We are stil fighting to win this!

Trying to get tablets down her is proving a pain with the previcox for her arthritis so these chemo capsules which I have been told not to touch is proving further difficult. Ham ham and more ham is the saving grace at the moment to wrap them in tightly. I hope this trick stays. Sandy is pretty clever at sussing my tricks out.

A few nice days  in the garden with the beautiful sunshine meant that we were able to relax together in the fresh air – even sandy had sun cream on her shaven patch – what a day for munching ice it was.

Loving the sun loungers
Loving the sun loungers

We are keeping our spirits high and loving life every day that comes, feeling blessed for the time we have together. Be more dog….we all need to be more dog! 🐾

One year post op & going strong


Celebrating with a big walkies her one year post op
Celebrating with a big walkies her one year post op

A year on…wow…what a journey it has been, full of worries, tear and prays…a day a whole year on that we were unsure we would ever get to see together has come around and we cannot be more thankful. SMILES ALL ROUND!! Each day I feel blessed, nervous as the days pass of course of what may be laying ahead of us, but extremely grateful. Be more dog is something that we can relate to so much more now – the meaning was unknown initially but now we fully do this!

Sandy is my best friend, my life, my side kick, my fur baby and wherever I am, Sandy is there too. 💖

We shared a beach holiday together this Autumn and what beautiful weather we had the whole time we spent there. So so lucky. That ocean was awesome to jump in and outta those crazy waves again without the painful leg she had last year! Sun bathing and some football chasing/barking on that sand….something that brought happy tears to my eyes!

Now this year has not been without some trips, slips and falls…well more like face plants on the floor bless her, but each time that tail has kept wagging and she has picked herself up and tried again! What determination and courage she has…amazes me each day! A few grazes to show her continued force to be reckoned with, but apart from that you would never know as it does not deter her from bouncing outta that door! I even purchased a door step for her…will she use it…rarely! I have to really encourage her, but whilst she wants to jump that door step, who am I to stop her!

Everyone who meets Sandy falls in love and I am so proud to share her journey and fight/zest for life with them. She is a mini celeb everywhere we now go, so allowing a little extra time on our outings is factored in…which is great as it means a lay down and belly rub…something people would think she doesn’t get enough of at home as she laps it up heehee…they can see how special she is to me!

This year ahead which is fast approaching, will be set to obtain a personalised bespoke set of wheels to support her remaining front limb with the hope to bring further enjoyment to walkies. Hoping she adjusts to them well – we have watched a lot of videos and read about them but as the saying goes, you don’t know until you try so this is certainly what we are going with. 👌🏼 If she doesn’t like them then it’ll have kept the carpenter outta trouble for a while I guess heehee.

So here’s to another year ahead, healthy, happy and cancer far at bay! 💪🏼 #TripawPower #TripawPrincessWarrior #Love

Oh and ,eats not forget…lots more snoozes ahead too ☺️😊

Snoozing Sandy
Snoozing Sandy

Sandy’s Birthday fun!

Today we had lots of fun celebrating a birthday we didn’t think we would get to see. We are so grateful for each new day. 🙏🏼☺️

We spent the day with good friends on a big walkies event in the park hopping & strolling round the lake whilst basking in the beautiful sunshine & meeting other pooches. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a nicer day. 😎

Sandy has been spoilt with a new jumper ready for our holiday coming soon & new soft toys that she loves to carry about with her as well as not forgetting those all important yummy treats that’s got to be had! After all, no birthday would be right without endulging in some nom noms. 😋

When we arrived home it was in time for a tasty roast dinner treat with gravy…that went down very well after a lovely day out. Let’s just say that it wasn’t in the bowl for long! Now with a belly full of food, it left time for our best things…sofa snuggles, belly rubs & snoozes! 😍

Here’s to many more birthdays & fun times together! 🐾❤️🐾

CT Scan

We waited patiently for the CT scan results and they arrived today. We don’t know if we should be celebrating or screaming with frustration. We received good news that there are no metasis and we are soooo happy, in fact over the moon, but in the next breathe the oncologist said there is a BUT. My heart thumped with worry…when looking at the results they found an incidental finding of a small adrenal gland tumour present. It doesn’t appear to have spread to her liver so is likely to be benign however it could be hormone producing.

With there being nothing in Sandys demina that suggests she is unwell I can just monitor her at home and take her to the oncologist IF anything changes OR we can take further tests. Something to think about.

i just feel as though whenever we receive great news, we are then hit with not so good news….this will be her fifth diagnosis of a form of cancer…WHY!!?!

Whoever meets Sandy falls in love with her as she is such a beautiful natured pooch who offers nothing but tender love and affection. So why does she keep being given this run of bad luck. None of them are connected which is good but also so unfortunate.

We have fought so many times and won….this battle has been the toughest to date but we are still fighting to win this one also to defy the odds, and for as long as Sandy can continue to fight this I will be by her side fighting it with her all the way.

Please say a positive prayer that Sandy will be full of health and well from here forwards as we do not want any further bad health.


Chemo is complete!

Hey, it’s that time where we update & shout that our chemo sessions are COMPLETE! So after four sessions, we are now happy that they are over. Not because Sandy didn’t manage them, but due to the fact that it means no more leaving her at the vets to be prodded & poked. Well, that’s what we thought anyway…Sandy had to have a rather large tooth removed, yep, after all she has been through she had to undergo this on top, however it is out now, we have a souvenir of it & the CT scan was done at the same time so one sedation rather than two.

Tooth removed
Tooth removed

We now await the results of the CT scan & are 🙏 that they are clear!

However with Sandy’s ongoing strength & determination, she is doing extremely well & we are so very proud of our fur kid! 😊🐾❤️

Sandy’s Wheels

Well, Sandy is one lucky pooch. These are her wheels that we bought for our holiday adventures so we could enjoy the holiday together prior to amputation. They have indeed been the best buy ever!

I was not sure if Sandy would like it as she has never been crated but in desperation to find something, as with her limp I didn’t have a choice but to try.

Upon collecting & it just fitting into the boot, we made our way onto our vacation lodge and when we arrived, out it came for a quick assemble To familiarise Sandy with it. No sooner after I had put it together and popped her bedding inside, Sandy had jumped in & laid down…wow! I was amazed & relieved, in the comfortable knowledge that Sandy would be accompanying me everywhere on this vacation in a happy comfortable way!

Since amputation, this has been our blessed wheels that has provided us with the continuation of our walks to our favourite places to meet our friends to sniff, play & socialise, but being able to rest when tiredness kicks in.

This has been our saviour as some days we only make our walks to the green next to the house. Sandy can hop in, stroll along & hop out again when we see friends or wants to sniff.

People do often look back or try to nose inside as they walk by, saying to their partner, “there’s a dog inside that buggy” – the thoughts that must go through their minds. Only those with their dogs ask, & that’s okay, we’re proud to share our story of our journey. Those whom say aaaw poor dog, I correct them & share with them that Sandy is not poor, she has these wheels, good healthy food in her bowl every day with clean fresh water & yummy treats, and above all, a mummy whom loves, adores, devotes her all to her & who made the right decision to fight for another chance to be pain free. This soon makes them realise that Sandy is happy, healthy, loved & well cared for above everything else this world has to offer!

We wouldn’t have it any other way ☺️

This is Sandy soon after jumping into her new wheels…all ready for her adventures!

Sandy's wheels
Sandy’s wheels

Resilience is pawfect!

Well after weeks of turmoil about what is best to do, Sandy is two Chemo sessions out of four down with two left to go. First went amazingly well, in fact I was worrying all day not knowing how her body would react to these harsh chemicals, but she came bounding out with such energy & happiness it astounded me.

Session two was due a few weeks later but this could not go ahead, not because she was ill from the first round, but because she had picked up a little bug. White blood cells were still above the range they would have carried the session out with, but we played it safe & delayed for a few days & this was the right decision. Second Chemo taken place & again, Sandy is happy & well.

Playful days I adore…this is the puppy I brought home 12 1/2 years ago…playful, happy, energetic…my baby I adore! That warm fuzzy feeling that makes tears of joy escape, I wouldn’t swop for the world. My days evolves around her. When I arrive home from a days work, she greets me with such excitement & energy (plus my slippers as if to say…mummy stay now!) We then run to the front grass for sniffs & depending on her , we may go a little further afield. People watching is a firm favourite..the other day, we sat in the island of the road watching the cars & people go by quite happily. Car drivers must’ve thought how odd, both dog & owner sat on the grass in the frost in the island…but this is what Sandy wanted, so we enjoyed this moment together. Enjoying the finer things in life. I am sure she is teaching me to slow down & enjoy all that is around us…so I am going with these moments.

I think the main thing she has taught me is resilience – I am so so proud of Sandy & do not have any regrets at all. What I hold onto deep inside is that a miracle of her being cured after treatment may become reality.

Happy Sandy
Happy Sandy

Chemo underway

WOW what a decision that was…so many decisions already made & more was again required of which type to go with…my brain was frazzled!!

So…we decided to undertake chemotherapy alone which started earlier this week! We were so worried that Sandy would have side effects but knew that the end result would outweigh these making it the right decision for her.

However….Sandy has again surprised me! No side effects have been noticed & that special spark has returned…Sandy is the playful senior pup I always knew her to be & I cannot begin to explain how many warm fuzzy content feelings and happy emotions I have running through my body right now!! I am soooo proud of her & how she is managing through all this…I certainly need to be more Sandy as WOW what a super star she really is!

Today we are celebrating the return of Sandys first blood results being well & therefore not requiring any antibiotics to protect her…again, I am esthatic & going into the vets today for the test did not concern me at all as with Sandy being so energetic & bubbly (loving her introduction to fishy meals too) I knew she’d be just fine!

Sandy came back to me a few minutes after her blood test with such bounce and energy that even she knew it’d all be okay!

I am so VERY proud of Sandy & although it is cold & miserable weather outside, we are feeling nothing but warm, happy & hoppy in our stride! This week has been amazing seeing so many positive progressions in Sandy’s appetite, playfulness & energy. She is still teaching me new things in life even 12yrs 4months down the line together.

Onwards & upwards it is my special little tripaw warrior princess!

The care given to a much loved pooch is always returned through heart felt devotion
The care given to a much loved pooch is always returned through heart felt devotion