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Dawn's Special Tripaw

The journey of an incredible Tripaw warrior princess

Dawn's Special Tripaw

CT Scan

May 19th, 2015 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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We waited patiently for the CT scan results and they arrived today. We don’t know if we should be celebrating or screaming with frustration. We received good news that there are no metasis and we are soooo happy, in fact over the moon, but in the next breathe the oncologist said there is a BUT. My heart thumped with worry…when looking at the results they found an incidental finding of a small adrenal gland tumour present. It doesn’t appear to have spread to her liver so is likely to be benign however it could be hormone producing.

With there being nothing in Sandys demina that suggests she is unwell I can just monitor her at home and take her to the oncologist IF anything changes OR we can take further tests. Something to think about.

i just feel as though whenever we receive great news, we are then hit with not so good news….this will be her fifth diagnosis of a form of cancer…WHY!!?!

Whoever meets Sandy falls in love with her as she is such a beautiful natured pooch who offers nothing but tender love and affection. So why does she keep being given this run of bad luck. None of them are connected which is good but also so unfortunate.

We have fought so many times and won….this battle has been the toughest to date but we are still fighting to win this one also to defy the odds, and for as long as Sandy can continue to fight this I will be by her side fighting it with her all the way.

Please say a positive prayer that Sandy will be full of health and well from here forwards as we do not want any further bad health.



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4 Comments so far ↓

  • benny55

    Sweet, sweet picture!! And I love the quote in your banner at the top of the page! Spot on!

    SA DY HAS A LOT OF CELEBRATING TO DO!! Lungs are clear! That’s huge!!

    And as far as that “incidental finding”, I think vets throw that out there to cya! We’ve seen that term used a lot here, and they used it in my Happy Hannah too. She never paid attention to it nor did I !! She felt GREAT and nothing ever came of it!

    I would just put that out of your mind. Sandy IS a fighter and she is feeling vibrant and healthy and that’s all the “diagnosis” you need!!

    Continue to savor the bliss of each moment with that sweet girl! Keep on rockin’ Sandy! You’re doing great! And we love seeing pictures! Hint!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • benny55

    BTW….I just now caught up in yur previous blog about Sandy and her carriage! ADORABLE! I love that she adjusted so quickly! She’s a true Princess!

  • jerry

    Dang! I’d be upset too, you’d think that a CT scan would give some real answers. I’m sorry!

    We do have one pup here who was diagnosed with an adrenal gland tumor after a histiocytic cancer diagnosis, he is still doing well as far as I know and it’s been years! Here’s his story:

  • bcullom

    Your pic above is precious! Glad Sandy seems to be doing well overall, she is a fighter like all our beloved Tripawd princes and princesses.

    I did want to mention that I had a Lab a few years back that lived her entire life with a small benign adrenal tumor. She had very minor problems that this tumor caused such as drinking excessively, but never caused any serious health issues with her.

    I will keep you and Sandy in my thoughts and prayers for sure….
    Bonnie, Angel Polly, and new crew

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