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Dawn's Special Tripaw

The journey of an incredible Tripaw warrior princess

Dawn's Special Tripaw

One year post op & going strong

December 5th, 2015 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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Celebrating with a big walkies her one year post op

Celebrating with a big walkies her one year post op

A year on…wow…what a journey it has been, full of worries, tear and prays…a day a whole year on that we were unsure we would ever get to see together has come around and we cannot be more thankful. SMILES ALL ROUND!! Each day I feel blessed, nervous as the days pass of course of what may be laying ahead of us, but extremely grateful. Be more dog is something that we can relate to so much more now – the meaning was unknown initially but now we fully do this!

Sandy is my best friend, my life, my side kick, my fur baby and wherever I am, Sandy is there too. 💖

We shared a beach holiday together this Autumn and what beautiful weather we had the whole time we spent there. So so lucky. That ocean was awesome to jump in and outta those crazy waves again without the painful leg she had last year! Sun bathing and some football chasing/barking on that sand….something that brought happy tears to my eyes!

Now this year has not been without some trips, slips and falls…well more like face plants on the floor bless her, but each time that tail has kept wagging and she has picked herself up and tried again! What determination and courage she has…amazes me each day! A few grazes to show her continued force to be reckoned with, but apart from that you would never know as it does not deter her from bouncing outta that door! I even purchased a door step for her…will she use it…rarely! I have to really encourage her, but whilst she wants to jump that door step, who am I to stop her!

Everyone who meets Sandy falls in love and I am so proud to share her journey and fight/zest for life with them. She is a mini celeb everywhere we now go, so allowing a little extra time on our outings is factored in…which is great as it means a lay down and belly rub…something people would think she doesn’t get enough of at home as she laps it up heehee…they can see how special she is to me!

This year ahead which is fast approaching, will be set to obtain a personalised bespoke set of wheels to support her remaining front limb with the hope to bring further enjoyment to walkies. Hoping she adjusts to them well – we have watched a lot of videos and read about them but as the saying goes, you don’t know until you try so this is certainly what we are going with. 👌🏼 If she doesn’t like them then it’ll have kept the carpenter outta trouble for a while I guess heehee.

So here’s to another year ahead, healthy, happy and cancer far at bay! 💪🏼 #TripawPower #TripawPrincessWarrior #Love

Oh and ,eats not forget…lots more snoozes ahead too ☺️😊

Snoozing Sandy

Snoozing Sandy

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  • jerry

    WOOHOO! ROCK ON Dawn & Sandy! We can’t believe it’s been an entire year and are thrilled that life is good and you’re rockin 3 legs. Can’t wait to see the new wheels. Thanks for the great update! xoxo

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