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Dawn's Special Tripaw

The journey of an incredible Tripaw warrior princess

Dawn's Special Tripaw

Chemo underway

January 3rd, 2015 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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WOW what a decision that was…so many decisions already made & more was again required of which type to go with…my brain was frazzled!!

So…we decided to undertake chemotherapy alone which started earlier this week! We were so worried that Sandy would have side effects but knew that the end result would outweigh these making it the right decision for her.

However….Sandy has again surprised me! No side effects have been noticed & that special spark has returned…Sandy is the playful senior pup I always knew her to be & I cannot begin to explain how many warm fuzzy content feelings and happy emotions I have running through my body right now!! I am soooo proud of her & how she is managing through all this…I certainly need to be more Sandy as WOW what a super star she really is!

Today we are celebrating the return of Sandys first blood results being well & therefore not requiring any antibiotics to protect her…again, I am esthatic & going into the vets today for the test did not concern me at all as with Sandy being so energetic & bubbly (loving her introduction to fishy meals too) I knew she’d be just fine!

Sandy came back to me a few minutes after her blood test with such bounce and energy¬†that even she knew it’d all be okay!

I am so VERY proud of Sandy & although it is cold & miserable weather outside, we are feeling nothing but warm, happy & hoppy in our stride! This week has been amazing seeing so many positive progressions in Sandy’s appetite, playfulness & energy. She is still teaching me new things in life even 12yrs 4months down the line together.

Onwards & upwards it is my special little tripaw warrior princess!

The care given to a much loved pooch is always returned through heart felt devotion

The care given to a much loved pooch is always returned through heart felt devotion

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  • benny55

    Dawnie and Sandy!!!!!


    Are dogs like Sandy amazing are what!!! I was so fearful when I had to take Happy Hannah back for checmo to the hospital that did her surgery. I thought she woukd shake and shiver and try and run. Nope! That 125 lb. cunk of love was excited to be there and wiggled snd wagged the whole time!

    I know what a relief it was to see Sandy happily greet everybody and to see her sparkle back so gloriously!!

    I LOVE the pictures!!!She’s just lovely and her eyes dance with joy! The little quotes are just perfect…PERFECT! Very nice blog!!!

    Continue to keep us posted AND take lots of pictures and savour every sacred second with Sandy! Continue to be more SANDY!!

    Sending love and hugs snd extra treats!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • jerry

    YAAAY! Oh Dawnie & Sandy, this really made my day. You have both come so far in such a short period of time. I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of this hopeful, wonderful time. YAY!

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