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Dawn's Special Tripaw

The journey of an incredible Tripaw warrior princess

Dawn's Special Tripaw

Sandy’s Update -staple removal & chemo choices

December 27th, 2014 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Sandy certainly got festive this Christmas…

Festive Sandy

Festive Sandy

Staples were removed & not a flinch! Such a brave warrior princess I have…even I was braver than I thought…thanks to the vet talking about her results to keep me distracted.

well the results, twice over, were inconclusive so it leaves the vet to suggest we go for chemo & also wants to combine this with targeted therapy which will kill growing cells.

Another decision to make….both are very costly but I mainly want to do what is right for sandy.  I am beginning to feel that if the results were inconclusive then we should keep to chemo alone perhaps. That starts Monday…dreading it!! Pumping my poor baby’s body with chemicals terrifies me, but so does loosing her to this awful cruel cancer when she is not ready to give up so needs must!

Lots of fuss & spoiling ahead…we pray that we have NO side effects & that this chemo is what we need to see us through effectively.

Will keep you posted! For now, goodnight all…this festivity celebration is tiring! Zzzzzzzz

Snoozy Sandy Santa

Snoozy Sandy Santa


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6 Comments so far ↓

  • Susan Hammond

    I was worried about chemo too. Guinness did 5 of Carboplantin I think it was. He came through just fine. He only had two incidents of vomiting and I think one was because he drank too much water and I had given him a bunch of baby carrots. We have had two clear xrays and now he is on oral chemo , Lasix and an anti-inflammatory. He is the same dog he was and I hope the same for you.

  • Dawnie

    Thank you for your post Susan…it’s comforting to know others having gone through how their pooches coped.
    Also how strange…my previous dog was called Guinness – a Rotti. ☺️

  • benny55

    SANDY!!! OMD! You just won THE MOST FESTIVE DOG ON THE PLANET!!!!! Add THE COOLEST TRIPAWD LRINCESS WARRIOR onto your list of accomplishments!!!

    And that licture of her with her little Piggy on her beautiful blankie just melts my heart!! I just love Sandy!!!

    I know itsw easier said than done, but try not to worry about the chemo….yeah, easier said than done! My Happy Hannah actually seemed to feel better after her first dose!! Really! She slept really well and seemed to maintainnher sparkle from that point forward.

    There are NO guarantees with or without it! For me, and this was just me, I felt like I n had to “try” it, or else I woukd always be second guessing myself. So it really wasn’t even about statistics anymore (because Id been on this site long enought to know they really don’t mean too much around here), it was just my own personal way of looking at things.

    We’ll all be cheering for you and Sandy! PLEASE keep us uldated! We care and we understand!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • swescobar

    Smoke & her mommy are praying for a good outcome for Sandy.

  • jerry

    Sweet little angel indeed! Sandy has a great attitude and so do you. Keep up the fight!

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