Sandy’s Wheels

Well, Sandy is one lucky pooch. These are her wheels that we bought for our holiday adventures so we could enjoy the holiday together prior to amputation. They have indeed been the best buy ever!

I was not sure if Sandy would like it as she has never been crated but in desperation to find something, as with her limp I didn’t have a choice but to try.

Upon collecting & it just fitting into the boot, we made our way onto our vacation lodge and when we arrived, out it came for a quick assemble To familiarise Sandy with it. No sooner after I had put it together and popped her bedding inside, Sandy had jumped in & laid down…wow! I was amazed & relieved, in the comfortable knowledge that Sandy would be accompanying me everywhere on this vacation in a happy comfortable way!

Since amputation, this has been our blessed wheels that has provided us with the continuation of our walks to our favourite places to meet our friends to sniff, play & socialise, but being able to rest when tiredness kicks in.

This has been our saviour as some days we only make our walks to the green next to the house. Sandy can hop in, stroll along & hop out again when we see friends or wants to sniff.

People do often look back or try to nose inside as they walk by, saying to their partner, “there’s a dog inside that buggy” – the thoughts that must go through their minds. Only those with their dogs ask, & that’s okay, we’re proud to share our story of our journey. Those whom say aaaw poor dog, I correct them & share with them that Sandy is not poor, she has these wheels, good healthy food in her bowl every day with clean fresh water & yummy treats, and above all, a mummy whom loves, adores, devotes her all to her & who made the right decision to fight for another chance to be pain free. This soon makes them realise that Sandy is happy, healthy, loved & well cared for above everything else this world has to offer!

We wouldn’t have it any other way ☺️

This is Sandy soon after jumping into her new wheels…all ready for her adventures!

Sandy's wheels
Sandy’s wheels

Author: Dawnie

Sandy was diagnosed with arthritis & medicated, however none worked & I pushed for a specialists opinion to be told that she had a fracture caused by bone cancer. We had to make a HUGE decision immediately to amputate or say farewell. Having fought off a number of prior cancers we were keen to fight this one as Sandy was fit & healthy in all other aspects & her tail & eyes told me not to give up. This was a HUGE decision leaving me feeling guilty & in turmoil over the decision, but Sandy is thriving. Awaiting results was nerving & we were praying they that they were the less aggressive type however inconclusive results meant a Chemo route. Sandy has managed this very well & continuing to thrive making us so proud every day at just how resilient & strong she is.

7 thoughts on “Sandy’s Wheels”

  1. Love this! It looks like one of the carts you can pull behind a bicycle. Great idea! You are absolutely right. Sandy is blessed and she knows it. So glad she can still accompany you on trips and walks. That is a lot of their joy, spending time with us. Lori, Ty & the canine 3

    1. Hi Lori, sorry I have only just seen your reply. Yes it connects to a bike also so is perfect. She can be cheeky and chose not to get out at times & has been known to snooze as we ride heehee.

  2. It is a multi functional one as it can be pushed as a stroller & pulled on a bicycle so can use for adventures.

  3. What is the brand and name of stroller? We need one for our front leg amputee greyhound Roxy. She is tall but only 55 lbs.

    1. Hi Jenna, the brand name is “DoggyHut”.
      It is Constructed from power coated steel frame and waterproof polyester with anti-slip leather floorboard which is great for Tripawds.
      Front door includes zippered mesh screen layer and a vinyl layer to block wind and weather which is perfect for using whatever the weather!
      A Universal bike hitch to rear axle is usually included so it can be connected to ride on the back of a bicycle which is perfect.
      A Jogging kit (handle and 12″ front wheel) is also available so it can be pushed as a buggy anywhere.
      Dimensions inside the trailer measure: 82×56.5x66cm if that is any help
      I was in two minds what to do when looking to buy as they’re not cheap but the amount we use ours (every day) it is money well spent! Would in fact be lost without her wheels as she’s too heavy to carry home if she’s pushed herself too far on a walk.

    2. Jenna,

      Did this stroller work for Roxy? Charlie, my female greyhound, is also sbout 55 lbs after her rear leg amputation.and very tall. I have not been able to find anything large enough for her to feel comfortable. I am hoping the “DoggyHut”
      might work.

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